Skysense are experts in the area of tracking aircraft, the growing field of aircraft safety and protection against drones.

In only a short period of time it has partnered with leading security companies to provide them with anti-drone expertise for their vast portfolio of security solutions.

Based in the tech saturated Kista, Skysense has taken advantage of the area and secured experienced key personnel. The internationally renowned KTH—Royal Institute of Technology provides great contact into the progressive research world.

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Counter Drone

Are you affected by drones? As the proliferation of drones increase, so do the chances of unwanted drone incursions. Today airports, prisons, power plants, data centers, and many more, face the risk of illegal and unwanted drone operations in its airspace perimeter. Skysense offers SAPP, a suite of counter-drone products capable of detecting and tracking drones and their pilots. What product to select depends on the specific needs and type of perimeter.

Aircraft surveillance

ADS-B—Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast—is a tracking technology for manned and unmanned aircraft that has been introduced as a potential replacement for secondary surveillance radar in air traffic control, as well as a method for integration of drones into manned airspace and a component of UTM (unmanned traffic management) systems.

SAPP partner program

We are a proud partner with STANLEY Security helping them to provide drone security for their diverse portfolio of clients.

Currently Skysense are looking for partners on other markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We can offer proven drone security solutions and expertise for the most demanding installations. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.


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