ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast)

ADS-B is a tracking technology for manned and unmanned aircraft that has been introduced as a potential replacement for secondary surveillance radar in air traffic control, as well as a method for integration of drones into manned airspace and a component of UTM (unmanned traffic management) systems.


An ADS-B receiver with exceptional requirements intended for the most demanding professional users.


A groundbreaking ADS-B OUT device with perfect characteristics to meet the inherent needs of small UAVs.

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Space-based Aircraft Tracking

Aircraft traversing uncontrolled airspace, such as the Seven Seas, cannot reach the ground station using its ADS-B-transponder. The reason is simply that the distance between the aircraft and the ground receiver is too long. Instead, a satellite-based service called ADS-Cis adopted by the airliners. Every 5-20 minutes, the aircraft sends a (aircraft position) report via satellite to a ground station and then forwarded to control towers and other users.

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