Aircraft traversing uncontrolled airspace, such as the Seven Seas, cannot reach the ground station using its ADS-B-transponder. The reason is simply that the distance between the aircraft and the ground receiver is too long. Instead, satellite-based surveillance, called ADS-C, is adopted by the airliners. Every 5-20 minutes, the aircraft sends a position report via satellite to a ground station and then forwarded to control towers and other users.

Our own ground stations

Skysense is operating ground stations across the globe fetching aircraft position reports from all satellites managing ADS-C. Our offering is simple and hassle-free. We send you the data in real-time over a secure IP-link, it’s simply Space-based Aircraft Tracking as a Service . Contact us to discuss how we can help your business harness data from ADS-C.


Buenos Aires Satellite Station, Argentina

Lat 34° 36′ South
Long 58° 22′ West


Stockholm Satellite Station, Sweden

Lat 59° 12′ North
Long 18° 05′ East


Manila Satellite Station, Philippines

Lat 14° 36′ North
Long 120° 59′ East

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