Q and A

Q: What do I get when buying the receiver?
A: Apart from the receiver as such, you get an ADS-B antenna (including 10m cable and a pole clamp) and a GPS/GLONASS antenna (including 5m cable). The only thing you need not included is a standard smartphone USB charger (minimum of 1500mA output) to power the receiver. Most people have several of those chargers at home.

Q: Where do I place the ADS-B antenna?
Place it as high as possible (using the pole clamp) and ideally with a 360-degree unobstructed view. Note that the receiver supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabling you to place the receiver closer to a good antenna location without being dependent on a power outlet. See other Q&A for more information on PoE.

Q: Why does the GNSS-antenna support both GPS and GLONASS?
The more GNSS systems supported, the easier it is to get a “lock”, i.e. locking and obtaining data from four or more satellites. The accuracy of timestamping of messages can be improved as well by selecting the highest satellites in the sky (ideally right above the receiver).

Q: Where do I place the GPS/GLONASS antenna?
The GPS/GLONNAS may be placed indoor by the window. If you don’t get a lock, i.e. the GPS-led is not lit, after 10-15 minutes, then try another window. If you have tried all windows without getting any lock, then try placing it outdoor.

Q: When do I need to use the built-in support of Power over Ethernet (PoE)?
Say you have a great location for you ADS-B antenna but the closest power outlet is more than 10 meters away from the antenna location (but less than 100 meters). In such a scenario, you could use a PoE-injector to power the receiver over an (up to 100 meters long) Ethernet-cable.

Q: I have purchased a receiver, what do I do?
If you bought the receiver without a subscription, then you need to download Planesight Local and follow the User Guide how the set things up. If you have bought Planesight Cloud, then follow its User Guide how the set things up.

Getting started

Q: What is BCON1?
A: BCON1 is the world’s smallest, lightest and most energy efficient ADS-B OUT device for drones and small aircraft.

Q: Why do I need BCON1?
A: To answer this question you must understand why ADS-B is used. There are plenty of sources in the Internet about ADS-B, just search for “ADS-B” or “ADS-B OUT”.

Q: Can I use BCON1 in my country?
A: The regulations vary between countires. You need to contact your civilian aviation authority and apply for permission.

Q: Can BCON1 be used with a manned aircraft, e.g. light-sport aircraft?
A: Yes, technically speaking there are no differences actually.

Deployment & installation

Q: What equipment do I need apart from the drone itself?
A: Two things. Firstly, the drone must be equipped with a GPS source that can be connected to BCON1. Secondly, a power source is also needed.

Q: How do I install BCON1 on my drone?
A: Click here to download the User guide.

Q: How do I install BCON1 on my aircraft?
A: Click here to download the User guide.

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