PlaneSight Apps

PlaneSight Cloud

PlaneSight Cloud is a suite of cloud-based applications using data from your own PlaneSight ADS-B receiver.

PlaneSight Cloud offers a powerful analytics app and a flight tracker.

PlaneSight Cloud – Analytics

For pro-users, an elegant, modular, customizable dashboard that gives you pre-configured as well as self-customized insights into the data generated from your PlaneSight receiver.
All of the data generated by your receiver is usable in the dashboard, and there are pre-configured graphs and metrics giving you insights from the moment you start.

You are able to customize the overall dashboard—theme and layout + other settings, as well as modify the current panels with graphs/metrics, as well as add new panels with new graphs, metrics, alerts, other data visualizers.

PlaneSight Cloud – Flight Tracker

For pro-users, a web application to visually track on a map the aircraft within the zone of reception of your PlaneSight receiver, and obtain information on individual aircraft and airports on demand.

You can see plotted on the map live positions of all aircraft from which ADS-B signals are received (which are within the mapped area), animated to update as the aircraft move. You can control visual and functional elements of the live flight view via a config panel (like kind of map, what overlays to display on the map, etc.).

You can click on an aircraft or airport, and obtain information about the including real-time data.

You can set a start date-time to play the flight visualization from (historical replay), and set the speed of replay (6X, 12X, 24X)

PlaneSight Cloud is a subscription-based service. Currently it is free of charge for customers buying a Planesight receiver.  When buying a PlaneSight receiver, a voucher is obtained granting access to PlaneSight Cloud.

PlaneSight Local

PlaneSsight Local is an on-prem application should you want to transfer data from PlaneSight directly to a desktop computer or server, over your ethernet connection.

PlaneSight Local is ideal for the hobbyist who already has an excellent array of flight-data management applications on their PC, laptop or server, and would like to just plug-in the PlaneSight receiver and use the streamed data directly in their applications of choice.

Running on Windows & OSX, PlaneSight Local allows you to connect your PlaneSight receiver to a variety of hobbyist third-party applications for you to crunch and visualize the streamed data. Data is streamed in the ubiquitous AVRMLAT format (AVR format with MLAT style timestamps)

For maximum flexibility, you can stream the data from PlaneSight Local to the popular freeware ModeSMixer utility that allows you to do practically anything you want with the data stream (merge streams, transcode/decode streams, split streams) and forward to applications like Virtual Radar Service, Kinetic Base Station, etc.

Note – we cannot help users with issues with third party applications, but will assist in every way to ensure that PlaneSight Local is able to generate a usable data stream.

All our software is open source

Skysense want to build a thriving software community. For that reason, all our software is open source. Contributions provide benefits to a broader range of users may also be incorporated in PlaneSight Cloud and PlaneSight Local.

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