BCON1 launched at XPONENTIAL 2016

SKYSENSE, based in Stockholm (Sweden), launched BCON1 at this year’s XPONENTIAL 2016 held in New Orleans. BCON1 is a groundbreaking ADS-B OUT device with a unique combination of characteristics to meet the inherent needs of small UAVs. BCON1 is to date the lightest, smallest and most efficient ADS-B OUT device on the market.

Amit Bhargava, Head of Strategy at SKYSENSE says “ADS-B technology for UAVs is essential for safer traffic in the sky but until now affordable solutions have not been available. BCON1 is changing that”.

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SKYSENSE develops innovative ADS-B products that make it safer for UAVs to co-exist in the sky with civilian aircraft. The vision of SKYSENSE is to ensure all UAVs operate safely without concern for people and property. Our team of seasoned hardware and software veterans puts pride in pushing miniaturization of the products to the boundaries of what is possible while delivering highest quality and ease-of-use.

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