SKYSENSE offers solutions for both civilian and military applications in a field that has a huge growth in recent years and continue to expand.

Civilian System Integrators of Electronic Security Systems

Skysense has assisted in integrating RF sensing capabilities into numerous systems, aiding our partners’ end-users in monitoring airspace and locating low-flying vehicles and drone operators. Our partners, such as Securitas Technology, have incorporated Skysense Counter-UAS sensors at harbors, governmental buildings, sensitive industrial plants, and various other critical infrastructure sites.
Skysense adopts a consultative approach with our customers, who appreciate the opportunity to field-test integrations. We collaborate with security managers and engineering teams to co-engineer customized integration, training, and deployment solutions tailored to meet operational and mission requirements.

Military & EW operators

On today’s battlefield, monitoring the spectrum is crucial to gain a tactical edge and protect personnel. To achieve this, operators must swiftly identify and locate threats by transforming real-time signal capture into actionable intelligence and counter-measures.
Integrating our passive RF-based sensor with our modularized electronic interference system enables swift deployment and easy customization to meet the needs of military end-users.

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