Are you affected by drones? As the proliferation of drones increase, so do the chances of unwanted drone incursions. Today airports, prisons, power plants, data centers, and many more, face the risk of illegal and unwanted drone operations in its airspace perimeter.


SKYSENSE RF Sensors & UAV Surveillance – Airspace surveillance and threat verification

A drone and pilot tracking sensor enabling the security team to efficiently protect the airspace.

Scalable and trustable

SKYSENSE RF Sensors & UAV Surveillance can be deployed at perimeters ranging from data centers and corporate buildings up to large perimeters such as airports and nuclear power plants. With near zero false alarm ratio, intruding drones and pilots are detected, identified and accurately tracked up to 2,000 meters away from the sensor. The video stream enables integration with market leading video management systems making airspace surveillance an integral part of the protected perimeter.

Unique feature set

Designed with simplicity in mind the security team is automatically notified when a drone enters the pre-defined alarm zone. With the AI-assisted PTZ camera, the security team can visually verify the existence of a drone and its payload up to 500 meters away. For improved threat management, whitelisting and blacklisting of drones is provided. Reports of the airspace activities include the drone’s serial number and duration of the incursion.

Sensors in a network

Skysense RF sensors are capable to network in order to precisely locate the trajectories of drones based on Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) algorithms. Adding TDOA to your UAV surveillance system will extend the capabilities significantly, and drones applying encrypted protocols will also be located.

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