Electronic interference systems, or simply (RF) jammers, represent the most effective and prevalent method for countering one of the greatest threats in asymmetric warfare: remote explosive mechanisms carried out by FPV-drones or similar.

Electronic interference systems operate by increasing the noise floor of receivers at frequency bands carrying the threat. To know what frequency bands are carrying the threat RF sensors are used.

Electronic interference systems can be installed on nearly any type of vehicle or carried by personnel on foot, or fixed for the protection of stationary installations.


Skysense Electronic Interference for Vehicle (SEIV) is intended to protect pickup trucks/SUVs against drone threats by disrupting the control signal between the drone and its operator.

SEIV is modularized and can operate at all relevant frequency bands and can be redesigned according to customer requirements. If RF sensing is not possible or not required, the electronic interference system may be always-on during the mission. SEIV is powered by the vehicle alternator or additional alternator.


Similar to the vehicle-mounted version, Skysense Electronic Interface for Personnel (SEIP) is intended to protect personnel on foot. SEIP can easily be carried in a custom-made rucksack together with battery packs and an RF sensing device detecting nearby drone threats.

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