Skysense and Security Company partner to offer counter-drone systems

Skysense, a provider of airspace surveillance equipment, and Security Company, with international presence, have signed an agreement for offering counter-drone systems to detect and track malicious drones, developed by Skysense.

As concerns grow around the potential security threats that drones may pose to people and society, the need for counter-drone technology is rapidly emerging. The partners have agreed to collaborate and offer to the market Skysense Airspace Perimeter Protection (SAPP) – a system detecting and tracking malicious drones.
SAPP is made up of a network of easily deployed RF-based sensors capable of detecting and tracking drones and its pilots. With the built-in ONVIF-compatible software, SAPP is designed to fuse with the user’s incumbent video management system making the airspace an integral part of the protected perimeter.
Robby de Candido, CEO of Skysense says, “Across the world, incidents with drones have revealed a major security gap with regards to critical installations such as airports and prisons. With SAPP our new partner can offer its customers an effective solution and make the lower airspace safe and secure.”

About Skysense

Skysense AB ( develop innovative airspace surveillance solutions that make it safer and more secure for people and property.

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