Q: What is BCON1?
A: BCON1 is the world’s smallest, lightest and most energy efficient ADS-B OUT device for drones and small aircraft.

Q: Why do I need BCON1?
A: To answer this question you must understand why ADS-B is used. There are plenty of sources in the Internet about ADS-B, just search for “ADS-B” or “ADS-B OUT”.

Q: Can I use BCON1 in my country?
A: The regulations vary between countires. You need to contact your civilian aviation authority and apply for permission.

Q: Can BCON1 be used with a manned aircraft, e.g. light-sport aircraft?
A: Yes, technically speaking there are no differences actually.


Q: What equipment do I need apart from the drone itself?
A: Two things. Firstly, the drone must be equipped with a GPS source that can be connected to BCON1. Secondly, a power source is also needed.

Q: How do I install BCON1 on my drone?
A: Click here to download the User guide.

Q: How do I install BCON1 on my aircraft?
A: Click here to download the User guide.